Friday, April 29, 2011

Day Trip To Melbourne

Take a day trip to Melbourne. An amazing view around Melbourne's streets and lane ways.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Official - Tomorrow: When The War Began Trailer

For the fans of John Marsdens masterpiece The Tomorrow Series, the film release for the first installment Tomorrow: When The War Began, cannot come soon enough. Check out the newly release movie trailer, it looks amazing.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Song's recorded by your's truly - Bridge over troubled waters and you'll never walk alone

A couple of soppy, sad, emotional songs I performed and subsequently recorded for my family for a special event. Pretty much a 1 take, non professional recording, but I hope you still enjoy them. Cheers. You'll Never walk alone Bridge Over Troubled Waters

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

SPC Ardmona Workers Go On Strike

Breaking news Engineers, at the Goulburn Valleys biggest company, SPC Ardmona have gone on strike at the Mooroopna Spc-ardmona plant. All workers at the Mooroopna plant were sent home. The engineers it is understood, are unhappy with the pay discripsency between their shepparton counterparts. The engineers desire the same pay rate for all workers of the same nature, who work at the same company. To strike during a time of ecnomic uncertainty may be risky, but the correct treatment of fairness of employees must be upheld during tough economic times.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009


A Monash university professor said the death of a 38-year old Barooga woman, who died from ectopic pregnancy after an extended ambulance wait, was a very uncommon scenario in Australia. Professor Euan Wallace said it was extremely rare for death to occur from the condition and it more likely to happen in developing countries with little medical service. “It does happen, the tube ruptures because it can’t accommodate the developing pregnancy and bleeds into the woman’s abdomen,” Professor Wallace said.


A proposal to give indigenous groups power to jointly manage Victorian Crown land has represented equality according to local indigenous figure Neville Atkinson. Mr Atkinson praised the Victoria Government it’s commitment to reconciliation. “I don’t want to get anyone’s hopes up because it hasn’t been decided yet, but I think it would be huge,” Mr Atkinson said. This comes after just one week ago when it was announced the Yorta Yorta people would co-mange the Barmah national park.


An elderly man who gunned down a Numurkah woman last year, who he was infatuated with, is being sued by her children for compensation. 36-year old mother of three Jodie Blake was fatally shot on March 5 last year by 65-year old Ronald Sauders who later turned the gun on himself. Her children are seeking compensation for emotional and psychological hardship. “Immediately following the shooting of the deceased, (two of the children) attended their dead or dying mother on the floor of the premises,” a court document read.

Monday, January 5, 2009


The Mayor of Shepparton says the council has to accept a controversial brothel development will go ahead in the north-east Victorian region. The council last year refused to extend a planning permit for a brothel to be built on Apollo Drive. The applicant appealed against the decision to the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT) which has ruled in their favour. Mayor Geoff Dobson says the council accepts VCAT's decision and will cooperate with the applicant. "There's nothing more we can do... the appeal's been through VCAT and the council will react accordingly and wait for the official paper work to come through," he said. But anti-brothel campaigner Mark Rumble has questioned the democracy of the state's planning system if a decision is made contrary to what the community wants. "What's the good of spending all that money and getting our council representatives to attempt to make decisions that are ideally for the betterment of our community and then not be able to follow through on those decisions because people are allowed to appeal to a higher source and have those decisions overturned?" he said. Shepparton's vocal anti-brothel group said there would be no further protest planned after Victoria’s planning tribunal gave the controversial development the green light to begin construction. Social impact Regional Victoria spokesman Mark Rumble said although the group was shocked about the decision, they have fought a good fight and must accept what has been handed down.


The number of speeding motorists was a concern in the Goulburn valley after the largest traffic operation in the state's history came to an end. The operation netted a total of 614 offences occurring across Greater Shepparton, Moira and Campaspe shires with more than half of that being speeding drivers. Victoria Police region three traffic inspector Neil Cheney said the number was bigger than what he expected and obviously higher than what he would like.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

New Mayor Of Shepparton Council

Geoff Dobson has replaced Chris Hazleman as the new Mayor of the City of Greater Shepparton in todays special council meeting. Long serving councilmen Kevin 'Gunna' Ryan is the new Duputy Mayor.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Greater Shepparton Mayor Chris Hazelman has resigned as Mayor due to ill health after only two weeks in the top job. Acting CEO Peter Harriot said he recieved Councillor Hazelman's letter of resignation after feeling unwell and being hospitalised earlier this week for a number of tests. Experts advised Cr Hazelman to reduce his workload and this has forced him to step back from the role of Mayor.
A special Council meeting to elect a replacement Mayor will be held at Council Offices, 90 Welsford St, Shepparton on Monday 22 December 2008 at 1pm. It may take several months before Cr Hazelman is back to full health again. He will be taking a break over the Christmas period and hopes to rejoin his fellow councilors in the New Year.

Monday, December 1, 2008

GVFL Out Of The Water, For Now

The GVFL announced a $42,505 trading profit for 2008 at its Annual General Meeting at the Shepparton United Clubrooms last night. “The end result entails $30,942 in the bank, all commitments for 2008 met and finalised, and a debt reduction, excluding the property loan, to $36,402 at the 31 October 2008, ” GVFL Chair John Coghlan said. The trading profit and debt reduction was a stark turnaround of the financial fortunes of the GVFL experienced at the start of the year when there was no cash flow for the summer months, and an original $69,000 debt, excluding the property loan, which ballooned out to $120,000 once the VicHealth and FJ Arthur Trust Fund issues were realised. “Whilst the end financial result for 2008 is deemed as satisfactory it is imperative to note that 2008 was only the first year of a two year plan to effect the full financial recovery of the League. More of the same must occur in 2009 !” Coghlan said. One of the highlights of the meeting was the presentation of the VCFL Recognition of Service Medallion to Seymour’s Gary Brown in recognition of his 20 years of service as Secretary of the Seymour Football Club. In the election for the GVFL Board 7 candidates nominated for 6 vacant positions. Coghlan, Ian McDonald, Trevor Pollard and Norm Gillespie were elected for 2 years, and Mick Williams and Freddo McMahon were elected for 1 year. Ian Fitzsimmons, who was elected for a 2 year period in 2007, is the seventh member of the Board. ‘It was encouraging to match the football deeds of the GVFL in a year when we were VCFL Champions with a financial result that augurs well for the future,” Coghlan said.

Muto Makes It To Council, Sondrae Bombs out!

The Verdict: Muto in, Sondre out. Controvercial hotel owner Milvan Muto has succesfully made it onto council despite strong aposals from previous council members. Sondrae Johnson however has failed to make strong numbers, seeing a wave of popularity in the word of the day "change". Unsuccessful Shepparton Council Candidate Ian Christoe has called for a recount after missing out on being elected by a single vote. Four new faces have been elected onto Greater Shepparton City Council. Milvan Muto, Geoff Dobson, Cherie Crawford and Michael Polan will join Chris Hazelman, Jenny Houlihan and Kevin Ryan. Real Estate agent Mr Dobson dominated the polls, thanking the community, but ruled out running for mayor. Cr Ryan was the second councilor elected, with Cr Houlihan third and Mr Muto coming in fourth. hock result Strathbogie mayor Greg Carlson was defeated by Peter Woodhouse other successful candidates were Howard Myers, Robin Steers Debra Swan, Neil Murray, Colleen Furlanetto and Graeme Mick Williams. In Moira, David McKenzie, Brian Keenan, Edward Cox, Gary Jones, Alex Monk, Tim McCurdy, Jessie McCallum, Judy Heather and Peter Robison were all elected. Kyabram ward elected Carol Howell, Neil Rappercholi and Neil Pan-churst to the Campaspe Shire while Marion Riley was re-elected in the Waranga ward. In Benalla council stalwart Bill Hill topped the poll from Pat Cla-ridge, Donald Firth, Peter Dunn, Peter Davis, Suzy Martin and Barb Alexander

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Shepparton Small Business Close Their Doors

Several small businesses in Shepparton have closed their doors this year unable to sell up and citing rising rates, rental hikes and lack of car parking as key issues. Maude’s CafĂ© owner Tennyson Blake said Shepparton does have some serious problems and Greater Shepparton City Council has lots of propaganda to tell you, it doesn’t.

Contagious Infection Contained at Age Care Facility

The highly contagious gastroenteritis infections seems to have been contained at a Shepparton aged care facility. Elective surgery was put on hold for 24 hours yesterday and Goulburn Valley Health chief medical officer Bruce Warton said the hospital would review the situation today to decide whether to resume elective surgery.

20yr old man jailed for Glassing

A Shepparton county court judge yesterday jailed a 20 yr old man who glassed a man at a Kialla hotel earlier this year, describing him as a volatile, anti-social cretin on this night. Daniel Williams of Mooroopna has been ordered to serve 22 months in a youth training centre.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

SPC Ardmona Rationalisation on Track - Coca-Cola Amatil

According to Coca-Cola Amatil, subsidiary fruit and vegetable processor 'SPC Ardmona', continued to face challenges presented by the ongoing drought, with the company reporting that the restructure is on track. “The rationalisation of the manufacturing facilities in the Goulburn Valley is on target for completion in November and there is a high level of certainty that the forecast savings of $8-10 million per annum from efficiencies and cost savings will be realised from the beginning of 2009.” In terms of Coca-Cola future growth as a whole, CCA will be focusing on new product development to drive category expansion, including Energy & Flavoured Milk, as part of their growth strategy for 2009. The acceleration of their Cold Drink Equipment Investment is also slated as a key goal for 2009, as is the focus on fueling the growth momentum of their alcoholic beverage business.

Outbreak of Gastroenteritis in Shepparton

Several people are in isolation in Shepparton's public hospital because of an outbreak of gastroenteritis. Fifteen people have been treated at the hospital for vomiting and diarrhoea in the past 24 hours. Another six people at the Ave Maria nursing home are also sick. Goulburn Valley Health CEO Greg Pullen says they are trying to prevent the virus from spreading. "There are some patients that are kept in isolation on the medical ward, some on the rehabilitation ward," he said. "We have to limit access to them unfortunately. We try and ensure that the chance of it spreading is completely reduced, but we can't always do that of course, it's a quite spreadable sort of disease."

Police Resources Stretched to the Limit

The past weekend has stretched local police resources with yet another assault claimed. Police are looking for five people involved in two unrelated assaults in Shepparton where a 21-year-old man was kicked and pelted with rocks in Corio Street about 1.00am on Saturday. Four men jumped out of a car and attacked the male victim. The next morning an 18-year-old woman was punched in the face by a man in the Maude Street Mall about 4.00am. Detective Senior Constable Mark Berens says there were some people in the mall area at the time. Police as asking for possible witness’s to either assault and urge these people to contact the Shepparton Police or Crime stoppers on 1300 333 000

Specialist Nurses Headed for Shepparton

SHEPPARTON has been promised one of 44 specialist breast cancer nurses The Nurses are funded by the Federal Government in partnership with the McGrath Foundation and recruited over the next four years. The specially-trained registered nurse would provide vital information and care as well as practical and emotional support to women diagnosed with breast cancer, their families and carers. The Shepparton nurse will be employed by Goulburn Valley Health at the Goulburn Valley Base Hospital.

Water Strategies to Improve Water Management

A proposal to set aside a water reserve each year to ensure irrigation systems in northern Victoria operate even in the driest years is one of a range of new measures considered in the Draft Northern Region Sustainable Water Strategy. Water Minister Tim Holding today released the Draft Strategy, which outlines 57 proposals to improve water management for farmers, communities and the environment in northern Victoria. Campbell Fitzpatrick from the Department of Sustainability & Environment Is encouraging the local community and irrigators to view the Draft Strategy and provide vital feedback

Graffiti Wipeout!

The Brumby Government is helping Victorian communities wipe out graffiti through $300,000 in grants announced today. Police and Emergency Services Minister Bob Cameron said grants of $5000 to $25,000 were open to all Victorian councils to establish graffiti clean-up programs with their local communities.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Man Assaults Woman in Maude Street Mall

Police are appealing for public assistance to help identify a man believed to be involved in the assault of a woman in Shepparton on the weekend. It is believed the 18 year old woman left a nightclub on the corner of Fryers and Whyndham Streets around 4am Sunday morning with a man who she met earlier that night. The pair walked east on Fryers street to the Maude street mall, where they stopped twice, but continued walking when they heard people talking in the Mall. After stopping at the secluded corner of the Mall near the Telstra Tower, it is believed the man punched the woman in the face. She fled an was later treated at a local GP for facial injuries. The man is described as aged in his mid 20’s, 178cm tall, short light brown hair, medium build, fair skin and clean shaven. Anyone with information is urged to call Crime stoppers on 1300 333 000 or the Shepparton police.

Brumby Government $115 Million Drought Relief

Premier John Brumby yesterday announced a further $115 million in drought relief to help rural communities battling the worst drought on record. Mr Brumby said Cabinet yesterday had brought forward a package that would deliver immediate relief for farmers including delivering $82 million in direct support to farmers; $22 million for drought employment initiatives; and $11 million to support drought-affected communities. Victorian Agricultural minister Joe Helper said the package will deliver immediate relief for farmers including direct support, drought employment initiatives plus community assistance.

Mallee Harvest Wheat for Hay not Grain

Hay baling contractors are in the midst of baling thousands of hectares of cereal crops in Victoria's wheatbelt. The region's grain crop was looking good until a hot, dry September killed off any hope of a decent harvest. Baling contractor Russell Phillips and his team will cut 8000 hectares in the southern Mallee this year, double the number of previous years. At the momet, he says, it's more economical for farmers to cut for hay than harvest for grain, but the next concern is what impact the mass hay baling will have on prices.

Police Appeal for Witnesses to Violet Town Fatality

Members of the Major Collision Investigation Unit are appealing for witnesses to a fatal collision in Violet Town last week, which claimed the life of a 53-year-old Noble Park man. Police are hoping to speak to a number of motorists who stopped to render assistance when the white Mitsubishi removal truck struck a tree on the Hume Freeway around 4.40pm on Friday night.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Police Arrest Man after 100kmh Car Chase

A 21-year-old man has been arrested over a police chase in Shepparton, in northern Victoria. Officers spotted a car without number plates at Kialla just before midnight. A chase ensued, reaching speeds of up to 100 kilometres-per-hour in a 50 zone. Police had to call off the chase when the car drove into a forest, but they caught the man after blocking the way out. The unlicensed driver is expected to face a series of charges, including speeding.

Box Hill Man Charged over Goulburn River Attack

A Box Hill man charged with assaulting another man with an axe handle on the banks of the Goulburn River last Wednesday night has been remanded in custody with no application for bail made. 20 year old Lance Piper appeared in Shepparton Magistrate Court on Friday morning charged with intentionally causing serious injury and five other counts of assault.

Nathalia Man Stabbed

A man in his early 20’s has been taken to a Melbourne Hospital with stab wounds following an incident in Nathalia on the weekend. Police were called to a house in Elizabeth St about 1am on Saturday after a man allegedly stabbed in the stomach receiving serious injuries. A police spokesman said no charges had been laid but police were still investigating.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Family Given Accommodation After House Fire

A family has been given temporary accommodation after their Shepparton home was damaged by fire yesterday. The fire started in the Northumberland Crescent house about 11:00am. Most of the damage was in the kitchen which has to be replaced. Country Fire Authority spokesman Peter Bell says the Department of Housing has found the family a temporary home until then. The CFA is still investigating how the fire started.

Locust Plague Hatchings Spread Across the Region

Plague locust hatchings are spreading across the region with the first reported plague locust hatchings have occured at two properties at Stanhope and Dookie near Shepparton, triggering concerns for a severe plague this summer. There have already been widespread hatchings in southern New South Wales, triggering concern of a severe plague this summer. Victoria's Plague Locust Commissioner, Andrew Tomkins, says the consequences can be dire with reports suggesting they could be up to about 20-something thousand at the front end of the band. Farmers are being urged to take control now by contacting the department.

Trapped Kyabram Man Airlifted to Melbourne

An 18yr old Kyabram man has been airlifted to Melbourne after he crashed his car yesterday. The man was trapped in his white early model Mercedes Benz for more than an hour after he lost control on a sharp bend on Cooma Rd at around 5:15pm. The teenager’s legs were trapped before Emergency Services cut him free. Police investigations are continuing into the incident, with speed not being ruled out as a contributing factor. The man was flown to the Alfred Hospital with suspected spinal injuries.

Woman Faces Pre-trial Hearing for Stubbing Husband

A woman who was charged with stabbing her husband to death in July was yesterday directed to face a pre-trial hearing next year. 58yr old Freda Dimitrovski allegedly stabbed her husband, Savas, during a domestic dispute at their Orchard Circuit home. The man was taken to the Goulburn Valley Base Hospital but died the following day. Mrs Dimitrovski sat alone in the front row of Shepparton Magistrates Court while Magistrate Pauline Spencer ordered her to face a 5 day committal hearing due to begin in May next year.

Council Approves Victoria Park Lake Master Plan

The Victoria Park Lake master plan will begin proceedings before the end of the year, after it was adopted at Greater Shepparton’s City Council meeting yesterday. The plan now includes better water quality of the lake and the return of recreational boating. Also approved, was a ban on advertising alcohol as part of council’s outdoor dining policy. Councillor Dallas Turlick moved the motion saying advertising is linked to alcohol abuse, while Councillor Eric Bott opposed the motion explaining the issue with youth is binge drinking and alcohol in the city is a real problem. The ban was voted in favour, 4 - 3.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Two Shepparton Boys Charged over 8 burglaries

Two Shepparton boys have been charged over 8 burglaries in less than a week, adding up to more than $4000 worth of goods. The two boys aged 11 and 12 were arrested on Friday night, with a third boy, aged 14 was released with a caution after an interview. Windows were smashed to break in to sporting clubs, businesses and homes where coins, electrical items and jewellery were taken. The 12yr old was charged with 7 counts of burglary, while the 11yr old was charged with four. The two boys are bailed to appear in a children’s court at a later date.

Thousends March against National Parks along the Murray

A 1,000 strong angry crowd descended on Echuca yesterday in a display of widespread community anger at the implications of the Victorian Environment Assessment Council's recommendations for Murray River red gum forests. Led by Barmah cattlemen riders, rally members marched from Hopwood Gardens to the Echuca Aquatic Reserve to hear first hand of the outcomes that would occur if the VEAC recommendations for more National Parks along the Murray River were implemented.

Local Road Carnage 2 killed 2 Injured

2 People are dead in what’s been a horror weekend on the roads. A 29 year old woman died at the scene of a two car collision in Kialla, Friday afternoon. It is believed a white Holden Rodeo traveling south and a silver Nissan Pulsar traveling north collided just outside the Shepparton Harness Racing Club. Adding to the road toll just a few hours later, a 53yr old man was killed after a truck hit a tree in Violet Town. The passenger died at the scene and the 39yr old male driver was airlifted to the Royal Melbourne Hospital in a serious but stable condition. Continuing the destruction, A 22yr old man has received serious head injuries when he was struck by a utility on Saturday morning. The man was walking with a friend along Durringhile Rd about 2kms north of Tatura in foggy conditions when the Toyota Hilux struck the man, who was believed to have been in the middle of the road. The 35yr old driver from Barmah was uninjured but was badly shaken. Tatura police Senior Constable Ross Adams said the speed of the vehicle was undetermined but the car was travelling in a 100km/h zone. He said the man lost a lot of blood and was taken to the Goulburn Valley Base Hospital before being flown to The Alfred.

Kialla Woman Margaret Vandergulik Pleads Guilty

A Kialla woman standing trial for the murder of her husband of only two days has pleaded guilty to his manslaughter. Margaret Vandergulik was alleged to have murdered Patrick Plumbe, 60, at their Glenrowan home on April 28, 2005, one day after he changed his will making her the sole beneficiary of a $1 million superannuation fund. Mr Plumbe's charred body was later found behind the steering wheel of his burnt-out ute, beside Wangaratta-Devenish Road, near Wangaratta. After his funeral, Vandergulik is alleged to have told her former lover, Shepparton man Tony Calandro, she killed Mr Plumbe during an argument. On Monday, Justice Murray Kellam told jurors Vandergulik had pleaded guilty to manslaughter. The jury was then instructed to deliver formal verdicts of not guilty to murder, and guilty to manslaughter. Last week prosecutors announced they would not proceed with the case against Vandergulik's son Michael, who had also been charged with murder. A pre-sentence hearing for Mrs Vandergulik will be held in Wangaratta on November 3.

Friday, October 3, 2008

One Person Dead In Kialla Two Car Collision

One person is dead and the Goulburn Valley Highway closed in both directions after a two car collision in Kialla on Friday afternoon. It is believed a white Holden Rodeo travelling south and a silver Nissan Pulsar travelling north collided just outside the Shepparton Harness Racing Club around 12.45pm. The driver and sole occupant of the Pulsar, a woman believed to be aged in her late 20s, died at the scene. The driver and sole occupant of the Rodeo, a 55-year-old man, was taken by road ambulance to the Goulburn Valley Highway with non life threatening injuries. The Highway was closed in both directions for several hours while police examined the scene. Police will prepare a report for the Coroner.

Kialla Woman Maraget Vandergulik Confesses Murder

A Kialla woman who allegedly murdered her husband in April 2005 after she was made the sole beneficiary of his $1 million estate confessed to a former lover she killed him during an argument. 61yr old Margaret Vandergulik told her former lover, Tony Colandro, she had an argument with her husband, Patrick Plumbe to which he hit her with a chair, and she pushed him, resulting in him falling and hitting his head. Crown Prosecutor Peter Rose said Mrs. Vandergulik’s son insisted they put the dead body into Mr Plumbe’s ute and drive it into a tree and set it on fire. Mrs. Vandergulik has pleaded not guilty to murder.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Customs Arrest Illegal Chemical Importers In Shepparton

Customs investigators in Victoria have arrested and charged two men and one woman with importing a commercial quantity of border-controlled precursor chemicals. Further examination of the package allegedly identified approximately 112,000 tablets that tested positive for ephedrine, a precursor used to manufacture methamphetamine. A 23-year-old man, 18-year-old man and a 20-year-old woman, all from Brunswick in Melbourne, were arrested on Monday in Shepparton. Customs investigators, with the assistance of officers from Shepparton police, executed Customs search and seizure warrants at two residential premises in the Shepparton area on Monday. The 23-year-old man was arrested by Customs, remanded in custody overnight and released on bail yesterday. The 18-year-old man and 20-year-old woman were also arrested and released on bail. All three are due to appear in the Melbourne Magistrates Court on 12 December 2008. The maximum penalty for this offence is 25 years imprisonment and/or a $550,000.00 fine.

Give Up Prohibited Weapons without Penalty

UNWANTED or illegal weapons and guns can be handed in to North East police stations this month without risk of a penalty. The Victoria Police firearms amnesty month aims to reduce the number of weapons available in the community. The weapons that can be handed in to police stations include unregistered and prohibited firearms, as well as knives, knuckle dusters and swords. But people with military ordnance such as hand grenades, should not move them, instead contacting police to arrange for safe disposal. Sen-Sgt McIntosh also urged people to use common sense when handing over weapons. Almost 19,000 handguns, valued at more than $20 million, were handed in to police during a six-month Victorian Government buyback in 2003 with Shepparton handing over 1403 handguns over that period. Most firearms were crushed, while some were retained for the Victoria Police forensic ballistics library or for inclusion in a museum.

Mooroopna Police Station Need's More Officers

After meetings with members from the combined service clubs of Mooroopna and the President of Mooroopna Blue Light, State Member for Shepparton Jeanette Powell is again calling on the State Government to review staffing numbers at Mooroopna Police Station.The Mooroopna police station has 4 full time and 1 part time officers. Three of five officers have taken stess leave in the last 10 months and have not been replaced. With an enormous strain on station resources, it closes at 4pm each day and at times when there is no-one there to man the station. According to Ms Powell. The Government needs to review the number of frontline police officers working, taking into account those who are on leave and the number actually needed to adequately police all five stations that are serviced from Shepparton station.

Murray Golburn Water Allocations Increased

Seasonal allocations for the Murray and Goulburn systems were increased in the 1 October update announced by Goulburn-Murray Water yesterday. The Murray system now has an allocation of 13% of high-reliability water shares and the Goulburn system has 9%. All other northern Victorian water systems remain at zero allocation. Acting Managing Director Ian Moorhouse says the catchments are drying and inflows are declining. The lack of rainfall, together with recent higher temperatures and strong winds, is not a promising sign for the coming months.

Enroll Now for Shepparton Council Elections

The Victorian Electoral Commission is urging Shepparton residents to be correctly enrolled for local council elections before this Friday's deadline. Enrollment forms must be received by the VEC before 4pm on Friday to ensure registration for the elections which will be held in November. Victorian Electoral Commissioner, Steve Tully says anyone aged over 18 who are not on the electoral roll or recently changed address must submit a new enrolment form urgently

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Tatura to get Major Horse Racing Event's

Horse racing tracks in north-east Victoria are being touted as possible locations for major training centres. The Victorian Opposition's racing spokesman, Denis Napthine, says many horse trainers will be forced to leave the Caulfield racecourse soon because of developments there. He says Wangaratta has top-class facilities and could be the home of a larger training centre and Seymour and Tatura could also attract new trainers. Dr Napthine says the race tracks would be in a good position to hold more race meetings, resulting in a steadier flow of visitors to the region.

Queenland Man Admits robbing Toolamba Junction Hotel 28yrs On

A Queensland man has finally admitted to being involved in a robbery at the Junction Hotel in Toolamba 28 years ago. Four men with stockings over their faces entered the hotel, one with a sawn-off shotgun, and demanded a safe be opened, to which $2000 was handed over. Four days earlier, a safe was stolen at McCabe motors in Benalla Rd. Armed Crime Taskforce Detective Senior Constable Tim Clinic said he has been in contact with Queensland Police last week and soon will go to QLD to talk to the man.

Crobram Residents Injured in Car Crash

Two Cobram residents were injured on Monday when their car lost control and hit a tree on the Murray Valley Hwy. Police arrived at the scene at 6:20pm and found the Ford Telstar rolled onto its roof and caught fire. The crash occurred about 10km west of Yarrawonga. The couple was airlifted to a Melbourne hospital with serious injuries.

Law to Clamp down on Tired Truck Drivers

New safety laws come into effect this week to help prevent Shepparton truck and bus drivers from getting behind the wheel when tired. Don Hogben from VicRoads says the tough new laws will ensure heavy vehicle operators are not driving too many hours and getting adequate rest breaks

Echuca's Dangerous Intersection Greyspot Funding

A dangerous Echuca intersection will be considered for Greyspot funding under the Safer Road Infrastructure Program following a campaign by concerned locals to address safety issues at the site. Safety hazards at the intersection of Mary Ann, Denmark and Brown roads and the Murray Valley Highway, south east of Echuca, were drawn to the attention of VicRoads at an on-site meeting in March attended by residents and The Nationals Member for Rodney Paul Weller. Mr Weller said safety issues at the site included the complicated design of the intersection, the lack of lighting at night and poor line-marking to guide traffic.

Teson Trim's Closure will hurt Euroa

Teson Trims is set to close down after a 3 week campaign to find a buyer for the car parts manufacturer had failed. Employees were informed yesterday morning of their job losses, after the company went into voluntary administration earlier this month. 92 manufacturing and support jobs will be lost at their only two plants in Euroa and Mitcham. Teson Trims will continue to trade until at least 10th October after which there will be a managed wind down. Mayor of Strathbogie Shire Council, Gregory Carlson said the impact of the loss of 92 jobs in the Euroa community will be significant, immediate and ongoing.

Large Locust Plague Heading Shepparton's Way

A looming locust plague 50 times larger than the one that tore through Northern Victoria 3 years ago, could cover a massive 1.24 million hectares by December. Shepparton and Wangaratta could be the worst hit with a potential high density of egg bearing locusts. Victoria’s Australian Plague Locust Commissioner Andrew Tomkins said the eggs are due to hatch next month, but the extent of the infestation would depend on how much green feed is available for the young locusts to feed on.

Murray River Communities March for Environment

Communities along the Murray River will march in Echuca this Sunday, to send a message to Government the Victorian Environment Assessment Councils final recommendations are unacceptable. The State Manager of Timber Communities Australia, Scott Gentle says he is hoping the State Government will take the lead on the issue and make a decision based on the majority views of people rather than a minority. He said the alternative management plan put forward by the Rivers and Redgum Environment Alliance will deliver positive outcomes for the environment and communities.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Shepparton's Slain Cop Damian Eyre Remembered

About 500 police officers march in Melbourne on Monday to remember those killed on duty.

Next month marks the 20th anniversary of the Walsh Street Killings, which claimed the lives of Constables Damian Eyre and Steven Tynan.

The two officers were shot dead in South Yarra when they responded to reports of an abandoned car.

The National Police Remembrance Day commemorations are a chance to pay respects to the slain officers.

Frank Eyre, who recently retired after more than 45 years in the force, says his son is not forgotten.

"There's a huge photograph in the Shepparton police station of my son, and everyone person who walks into the police station takes a moment to remember the job the police do every day," he said.

"They see me still working the watch house counter and they wonder how I continue to do the job that resulted in the loss of my son. My memories of Damian will remain forever present and the loss that we feel will never go away."

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Euroa Teson Trims Close in 4 weeks

Teson Trims is set to close in 4 weeks after a 3 week campaign to find a buyer for the car parts manufacturer had failed. Employees were informed this morning of their job losses, after the company went into voluntary administration earlier this month. 110 manufacturing and support jobs will be lost at their only two plants in Euroa and Mitcham. The question has to be asked how this will effect the economy and social well being of Euroa?

Shepparton Record Temperature for September

Shepparton reached its hottest temperature in September on Saturday with a top of 31.8 degrees at 2pm. The previous highest temperature was on September 19 2006 when it reached 30.6. Saturday was 13.7 above the average for September. Yesterday’s temperature dropped, only hitting a top of 20.7 at 2pm. Towards the end of the week, Thursday will be an expected top of 26 ahead of possible thunderstorms.

Alpine Classic Victoria's Number One Tourist Experince

The Alpine Classic has clinched the number two spot in an online poll conducted by RACV and Tourism Victoria to highlight the state's best tourism experiences. The Victoria 101 campaign attracted more than 76,000 visits and asked Victorians to identify what tourism experience they would recommend to others. Neil James, from RACV Tourism & Travel says the Victoria 101 campaign has identified some amazing local attractions and many others right across regional Victoria.

Rochester GVFL Premiers

- Results below -
I popped along to the 2008 GVFL grand final at Deakin Reserve in Shepparton on Sunday arvo, to catch the grand final clash between the premiership incumbents the Seymour Lions and the underdog's Rochester Tigers. It seemed Rochester started off with nervous jitters, and were constantly close behind Seymour through out the day. The overwhelming crowd support and hunger for the cup in the end spurred Rochy on to be the 2008 premiers and football champions. I Congratulate Rochester, for a well deserved win. It is the case a sad few week for me in footy, my beloved Geelong Cat's defeated, my hometown of Mooroopna Cat's defeated (by Rochester), and a club I am closely associated with in the KDFL Ardmona Cat's defeated.

The GVFL Grand final scores:

Seymour 13.18. (96) Rochester 15.9. (99)

Rochester Elliot Bowen 7, Dylan Cuttriss 2, Dean Moon 2, Kahl Oliver 2, Ben Deuscher 1, Anthony Mcphee 1
Seymour Saad Saad 2, Brent Colbert 2, Bernard Haberman 2, Benjamin Clifton 2, Jake Anderson 1, Dominic Russo 1, Paul Scanlon 1, Shane Schottner 1, Rodney Van riet 1
Rochester Elliot Bowen, Kahl Oliver, Ashley Watson, Sam O’brien, Scott Hann, Dean Moon
Seymour Paul Scanlon, Rodney Van riet, Brent Colbert, Shane Schottner, Bernard Haberman, Matthew O’keefe

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Light Plane Crash in Yea

A pilot has been taken to hospital and treated for shock after her light plane overran a runway and crashed into a fence in Victoria's north this saturday morning.

The 39-year-old woman was not injured in the crash which happened near Yea about 11am, police said.

"She was coming in to land at a private runway and has not stopped in time and came off the runway into a fence," police spokeswoman Amy Virgona said.

"There was minimal damage to the aircraft, she's more in shock than anything."

She was treated at the scene by paramedics and taken to Northern Hospital for observation, an ambulance spokesman said.


Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Local Farmer Arrested Blocking Work on North South Pipeline

A local farmer has been arrested for blocking Water workers access to her family's farm to begin work on the controversial north-south pipeline. Nine police officers and 20 workers forced their way on to the farmland in Yea which was being barricaded by the Mcleish family. Police were bought in after workers spent most of the morning trying to negotiate with the family. Deborah Mcleish, was arrested by police just before 2:00PM for continuing to block the Melbourne water workers. The government had been hoping to avoid this level of confrontation with its hopes pinned on the 75 kilometre pipe pumping 75 billion litres of water savings to Melbourne to secure the city's dwindling water supply.

Golfer Jarrod Lyle's Brother Fondled Sleeping Woman

THE brother of Shepparton’s champion pro golfer Jarrod Lyle yesterday pleaded guilty to fondling a woman's breast on a long-haul flight. In the Broadmeadows Magistrates' Court today, Leighton Lyle admitted pulling down a sleeping woman's top and "tugging" and "pulling" at her left breast and nipple on a flight . The court heard Lyle, 24, initially denied the charge but after his DNA was found on the victim's bra he yesterday pleaded guilty to one count of committing an indecent act on an aircraft. Magistrate Rozencwajg will sentence Lyle in January next year.

Magistrate - Tatura Man Should Go to Jail

A magistrate says a Tatura man who threatened police officers with a knife should go to jail. The mentally ill man, Jason Farrow, 34, took amphetamines only hours before he was shot 3 times in the chest, saying he wanted to die, the magistrates heard yesterday. Mr Farrow has been charged with a number of offences including endangering life, making threats to kill and assaulting police with a weapon. The man’s Japanese wife, who is awaiting citizenship, and their 7 week old daughter could be deported if he is sent to jail. The hearing was adjourned part-held until December.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Police Seek Man over Incident act at Market Place

Shepparton police are seeking public assistance for their investigation of a reported incident in the toilets at the Shepparton Market Place food court last month. Police are hoping to speak to a man about allegedly committing an indecent act in the presence of a child under 16 years around 1:20pm Sunday, 31 August. Investigators have released a photograph of a man they believe can assist with their inquiries and urge this person, or anyone else with information, to come forward. Anyone with information is asked to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or visit

Goulburn Murray Overnight Soaking

Many parts of the Goulburn Murray region received a good soaking from rain overnight. Falls of up to 50 millimeters were recorded in the north-eastern Victorian ranges, and up to 20mm on the plains. Towns to get the most rain include Rutherglen with 18mm, Albury-Wodonga 12, and 8mm at Corryong and Deniliquin. Richard Carlyon from the weather bureau says the falls were more than expected. Wangaratta had a fall of 7mm, Albury-Wodonga 12, Wagga had 18mm, Shepparton only having 1mm and Deniliquin 8mm.

Denis Walter Quits WIN News

WIN Television has announced today that Denis Walter, the presenter of the network’s five regional news bulletins in Victoria including the Goulburn valley bulletin, will be moving to Melbourne radio station 3AW. Walter will replace Ernie Sigley as the presenter of the station’s afternoon shift, whose semi-retirement was announced last week. “I have thoroughly enjoyed every minute of presenting WIN News,” Mr Walter said. “It has been an absolute honour to deliver the news that matters most to local communities, every weeknight for the past 15 years.” “If there was a way to combine both roles, I would jump at it.” “This local news service is unmatched anywhere in Australia and I remain extremely proud to have been a part of that,” he said. Walter moved to WIN News in 1992 after presenting the weather for National Nine News in Melbourne. His tenure saw WIN shift from producing two to six bulletins a day from its studios in Ballarat. Mr Walter will present his last bulletin in November. Source:

Country Footy Fan's Well Behaved, well the soccer?

Police were impressed by the behaviour of fans at the weekend’s local football matches, after issuing a stern warning of a zero tolerance approach to antisocial or drunken behaviour. Extra police were rostered on to man the GVFL Preliminary Final, Murray League Grand Final and the North Eastern Soccer League Grand Finals. Shepparton Police Sergeant Peter Kearney said the football crowds were well behaved, although at the soccer, a small fight between spectators was broken up, but no arrests were made.

Careful Cobber Fight Still Strong

The fight to save the Careful Cobbers is still strong after a rally was held Saturday morning in the Maude St Mall. Rally organiser, Camille Van Breda said although the turnout of 100 people was lower than expected, the community was passionate about saving the road safety program. She said petitions will keep circulating around the area until she gets an answer. Her next course of action will be to establish a Save the Careful Cobbers Committee which will take to the steps of Parliament.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

New Difibrillators in Rural Ambulances

Rural Victorians suffering from cardiac arrest will benefit from a multi-million dollar roll-out of new life-saving equipment in country ambulances. Health Minister Daniel Andrews said all rural and regional ambulances are now fitted with the latest state-of-the-art defibrillators. The new defibrillators will benefit paramedics and patients with improved technology and a more rapid delivery of a shock in the event of a cardiac arrest.

Free Health Assements for Victorian Farmers

The Brumby Government will continue the rollout of free individual assessments and group workshops to help improve the health of Victorian farmers. Victorian Agriculture Minister, Joe Helper says the $2.18 million healthcare program is part of the Government's Future Farming Strategy, aimed to improve outcomes for the state's farmers.

National's Free up Land In Undera

The Nationals Member for Rodney Paul Weller has brokered a meeting between the Department of Sustainability and Environment and Undera community representatives to progress a proposal for the subdivision of unused land at the Undera Recreation Reserve. A pocket of land at the reserve has been unused for 50 years and the community wants to subdivide the land and sell it for housing. Mr Weller said the proposal had the backing of the Undera Recreation Reserve Committee and the Undera Community Development Group but had been knocked back by the DSE.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Shepparton Woman Saved by Mystery Man

A Shepparton woman was saved by an unknown man yesterday when a neighbouring unit caught fire in Michel St. The unknown man knocked at the woman's window telling her to get out of the house. Around 1:30pm Shepparton CFA attended the block of flats to find a rear unit alight, which was unoccupied at the time. The fire took 20mins to control with the rear unit receiving extensive damage. It has been treated as not suspicious with the cause most likely to be accidental.

Rates Increase by 6.95%

Ratepayers should have recently received their 2008/2009 rate notices with the Greater Shepparton City Council issuing about 27,000 notices last week. Outgoing Chief Executive Officer Bob Laing said the revaluation of all properties every two years is a requirement of state government legislation and contrary to common perception, an increase in property values does not mean councils will receive more in rates. In contrast to what Mr Laing just indicated, he said this year the Council will raise more than $41.5 million in total rates and charges revenue which is an increase of 6.95 per cent on the 2007/08 levels.

Counilors To Be Held Accountable

Greater Shepparton City councilors will now be more accountable following new Brumby Government legislation clarifying codes of conduct and conflict of interest within local government. Victorian Local Government Minister, Richard Wynne says the community should expect high standards from local councilors to ensure better representation and strengthened democracy. Mr Wynne also said VCAT would be given wide powers to discipline councillors for serious or gross misconduct. He said VCAT would have the ability to disqualify a councillor for up to four years, suspend one for up to six months, or declare him/her ineligible to be mayor for up to four years. “Definitions of conflict of interest have been revised to apply to gifts and election donations received from a person with a direct interest, as well as situations where a member of a councillor’s family has an interest,” Mr Wynne said. “In addition to being excluded from voting on issues where there is a conflict of interest, councillors will also be excluded from participating in debate and the decision on those issues at council meetings, committee meetings and councillor briefings,” he said. “Conflict of interest will also be extended to council staff, who will be prohibited from exercising any delegated power or function of the council, if they have a conflict of interest.” This new legislation should sit uneasy amongst some wayward local councilors who now must attempt to follow strict guideline to behave properly in the community. Local councilors can be the most dodgy and ego driven politicians around, so I am sure many of us will be pleased with these new measures.

North South Pipeline Approved

In yet another blow to those who are against the controversial North-south Pipeline, MOIRA SHIRE COUNCIL has expressed its profound disappointment at the Federal Government’s approval of the pipeline and maintains the project spells disaster for the Murray-Darling Basin. This disappointment conveyed I am sure is derived from over the top paranoia from people in the region who still do not understand and will not try to understand the purpose of the pipeline. Moira Shire Mayor Councilor Frank Malcolm said Environment Minister Peter Garrett’s decision to give the green light to the pipeline will rob the parched Murray-Darling Basin of vital flows. Recently the Murray-Darling Basin Commission reported the conditions of Australia’s biggest river system are the worst in recorded history. This may be true, however water will not be taken from the system if no savings have been created. Savings will not be created until water storage surpass that of usual flows, savings intended to occur when the new irrigation and anti-evaporation upgrades are complete. Savings is water created above normal catchments, which are then equally spread to regional, urban and environmental sectors. Clearly the state of the Murray-Darling system currently will see no water removed from the system. The pipe line is a long term project, a project built to help 'all' Victorians in times when water is scarce.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Rescued Woman Flown to Melbourne

A 21-year-old woman has been flown to a Melbourne hospital, after crashing her car this morning. Her car hit a tree on the Bendigo-Murchison Road near Murchison about 6:40am. She was trapped in the car for about an hour. The woman has a bad cut on her face, another laceration on her leg and a suspected fractured ankle. She has being taken to the Royal Melbourne Hospital.

Stanhope House Burnt to Ground

A Stanhope residence has burnt to the ground after the owners returned from a holiday to find all their possessions, including a late model car were destroyed. The fire went unnoticed to neighbours and the CFA were not alerted, when the couple in their late 30’s arrived home about 2pm yesterday. The blaze was most likely to have occurred between noon on Sunday and 2pm yesterday. Fire investigators thought at first the fire was deliberately lit, but was soon to be found not suspicious. The cause is still yet to be known.

Durringile Woman Saved by Dog in House Fire

A woman was woken to find her house in Dhurringile, south-west of Shepparton, on fire early this morning. Fire crews were called to the house on Langham Road about 2:20am AEST. It was well on fire when they arrived. Police say the woman's barking dog woke her up and she got out of the house. Investigators are trying to determine out how the fire was started.

Save Our Careful Cobber Rally

Members of the community concerned about the future of northern Victoria’s Careful Cobber road safety program will rally in Maude Street Mall, Shepparton on Saturday 20 September. Everyone is welcome to attend the peaceful rally, which aims to highlight community support for the program. Member for Northern Victoria Region Wendy Lovell says members of the community have an opportunity to show their support by joining the Save Our Careful Cobbers rally, which gets underway at 11am.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Shepparton Council CEO Bob Laing Calls it Quits

Greater Shepparton City Council CEO Bob Laing has announced via email to staff his resignation today, citing that he has accepted an offer as Executive Officer of Environment Waikato, a large regional council based in Hamilton, New Zealand. Sources indicate that Bob Laing departure was largely influenced by unruly Councilors, including the infamous Councilor Sondrae Johnson's, whose deplorable actions within the council have some Council workers feeling exhausted and irritated. Mr Laing is said to be hanging up his hat on Friday, the 14th of November. The question has to be asked, will Bob Laing resignation create a cavalcade of departures? The up and coming Council election this November should make local politics very interesting. Watch this space.

Breaking News - Greater Shepparton City Council CEO QUITS

Greater Shepparton City Council CEO has resigned due to Councilor Sondrae Johnson's deplorable action's. Source's indicate further resignation's are to fellow. ....More to come.

Friday, September 12, 2008

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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Samurai Murderer Pleads Guilty

Victoria Police believe 26-year-old William Woods was killed with a samurai sword in December last year. Part of his dismembered body was found by the side of a road near Shepparton that month. The rest was discovered in an irrigation channel in January. Thirty year-old Brian Edward Lawrence pleaded guilty in the Magistrates Court in Shepparton today to being an accessory after the fact. He will face court next month. Three other people from the Goulburn Valley are also charged in relation to the murder.

No Bail for Credit Union Robber

The driver who allegedly drove a getaway car in a robbery at Shepparton’s Goulburn Murray Credit Union last week made no application for bail in court yesterday. Forty-eight year old Peter Sinclair was charged with common law assault, armed robbery, theft and aggravated burglary. He appeared via video link from Shepparton at Wangaratta Magistrates Court and was remanded in custody to appear at Shepparton’s Magistrates Court for a committal mention in November.

Shepparton Lowest Smoking Deaths

Greater Shepparton has been named as one of two country victoria locations where smoking related deaths are the lowest in the satate. Still, New figures released from Victoria’s Cancer council reveal that Smoking kills 11 people in Victoria each day and causes more preventable deaths than road accidents, alcohol and drug use, amounting to up to nearly 4,000 people each year. With these latest figures, Australian Medical Association Victorian president Dr Doug Travis has called on the Victorian government to do more to protect children from taking up smoking.

Shepparton Residents Attend Victoria Park Lake Forum

Fifty residents attended a forum last night to express their opinion on the redevelopment of the Victoria Park Lake. They supported the plan and would like the lake to be filled with water as soon as possible. Greater Shepparton City Council Mayor Eric Bott said the drought has done some damage to the lake, but opens an opportunity to do something for the future. The forum was thrown open to questions, with the biggest concern being the length of time it will take for the construction.

Work Starts on Kyabram Streetscape Project

Works are underway to replace kerbing and footpaths along Allan Street in Kyabram as part of the next stage of the Kyabram Streetscape Project. Kyabram Ward Councillor, John Elborough, says arrangements have been made not to cause disruption for people or interfere with the operation of the market day at the end of October. The work valued at $370,000 is expected to commence mid to late September and extend through to mid November.

Mooroopna Better Than Shepparton?

A movement has began, a movement of passionate Mooroopnarians that advocate 'Mooroopna is better than Shepp'. The group was started on facebook, and now obtains a total membership of 209 people and growing. That's almost equivalent to 2.5% of Mooroopna population. This group was created by yours truly and is helped cared for by two other passionate defenders of the Mooroopna cause. The group proudly states that Mooroopna is a tidier town, has better bakeries, better economic possibilities, mobile coverage, and football team than all Shepparton sides put together. Greater personalities, lower crime rates, and disapproves of the moving of the SPC Ardmona factory sales, and the stupid decision to close the superior SPC Ardmona Mooroopna plant. Plus alot more rants from anti-Shepp citizens. If you desire to check out this group or you wish to join, head over to the 'Mooroopna Better Than Shepp" facebook group. Click Here - Mooroopna Better Than Shepp

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Another Man Arrested for Shepparton Credit Union Robbery

Armed Crime Task Force detectives have arrested a second man in relation to an armed robbery at Shepparton’s Goulburn Murray Credit Union last week. Detectives, with the assistance of the Special Operations Group, arrested a 48-year-old Shepparton man, Peter Sinclair about 4.30pm at a Cezanne Drive address in Shepparton. He has been charged with several offences including armed robbery, common law assault, aggravated burglary and theft. The Shepparton man appeared before a bail justice last night and has been remanded to appear at Shepparton Magistrates Court this morning.

Careful Cobber Petition Presented to Parliament

State Member for Shepparton Jeanette Powell presented over 4000 signatures on a petition in Parliament yesterday from people opposed to the Government’s decision to cut funding to the Careful Cobber Program at Shepparton’s Driver Education Centre of Australia. Mrs. Powell said the decision to cut the funding has been made by bureaucrats who do not understand the role of the program and she will continue to ask the government to reinstate the funding for the important Primary School road safety program.

Shepparton's Dr Peter Eastaugh Wins Community Award

The Brumby Government has honoured a Shepparton paediatrician with a prestigious community services award after spending the past 25 years working with vulnerable children. Dr Peter Eastaugh was last night named a co-winner of the Making a Difference with Children, Young People and Families section of the 2008 Robin Clark Memorial Awards. He was presented with his award in Melbourne by Community Services Minister Lisa Neville at a ceremony helping launch Child Protection Week.

Careful Cobber Protest

Members of the community concerned about the future of northern Victoria’s Careful Cobber road safety program will rally in Maude Street Mall, Shepparton. Rally organiser Camille Van Breda said everyone was welcome to attend the peaceful rally, which aimed to highlight community support for the program. Speakers include Jenny Houlihan, Shepparton Search and Rescue representative Gary Lovell, Member for Northern Victoria Region Wendy Lovell and State Member for Shepparton Jeanette Powell. The rally starts at 11am this Saturday.

Police Search for Credit Union Getaway Driver

Police are still searching for a getaway driver involved in the robbery of Shepparton’s Goulburn Murray Credit Union last week. A number of leads have been found and Police are following up some inquires. The man was believed to have been waiting in a cream 1990’s Ford Falcon sedan while the robbery was taking place, and then drove away with the armed robber. A man was arrested last week in Gippsland in relation to the robbery where he was alleged to have threatened staff at the Fryers St branch and demanded cash.

Banalla Youths Charged for Multiple Burglaries

Three Benalla youths and a 24 yr old man have been charged in relation to a number of burglaries at sporting clubs and liquor outlets over the past 3 months. Thousands of dollars of power tools, alcohol and cash were stolen in the ten burglaries that took place. The 24yr old man was arrested at his home on Friday, along with 3 youths aged 14, 16 and 17 years old. They have all been charged with counts of theft, handling stolen goods and burglary.

Country Victoria's Water Quality to Improve

Water quality is set to improve dramatically for small towns in regional Victoria following a $20 million investment by the Brumby Government. Victorian Water Minister, Tim Holding says the dollar-for-dollar arrangement with councils will provide a range of projects to help improve the quality of water supply and wastewater management

Sunday, September 7, 2008

GV Voice to Showcase the Vally's Finest

The finest voices in the Goulburn Valley are set to shine in this years anticipated GV Voice extravaganza. Word and mouth’s GV Voice vocal talent competition is nearing it’s grand final on September 20th, where 12 finalist will battle it out for the title of the best voice in the Goulburn Valley. The event is hosted by Nova 100's personality Dylan Lewis and tickets are available from Riverlinks Box office 5832 9511

Save the Careful Cobbers Petition Joined by Thousends

More than four thousand people have signed a petition calling on the Victorian Government to reinstate a driver education program in Shepparton. The Careful Cobbers program teaches children about road safety using small motorised cars. The Government has cut its funding and will run school-based safety classes instead. The Nationals' Member for Shepparton, Jeanette Powell, says the petition will be tabled in Parliament this week. The careful cobber program, once enjoyed by the late Princess Diana her self on her Australian visit back in the 80's, is a Shepparton institution and must be saved.

Shepparton Boy Burgles Grahamvale, Mooroopna, Merrigum Schools

A 17 yr old Shepparton boy has been remanded in custody to front a children’s court today after 3 Primary School’s were burgled and damaged on the weekend. Between midnight Thursday and 2am yesterday, three film projectors worth a combined $6000 were stolen from Grahamvale, Mooroopna and Merrigum Primary School’s. The 17yr old boy was charged with three counts of burglary, theft and criminal damage, while the 26yr old man was charged with one count of burglary, criminal damage and theft.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Shepparton Council Takes Aim at Shepp Hotel's Electronic sign

At tuesdays Greater Shepparton City Council Meeting, Shepparton Hotel owner, Milvan Muto will have to keep fighting for the permit of his electronic sign, when Council applied to the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal to have the permit cancelled. The main reason the sign is being challenged is there are messages pointed directly at the Council and the sign is not being used for advertising, therefore, it is a breach of the permit. The question has to be asked, is the council attempting to stop the expression of free speech?

AFL Superstars Come to Town

In the build up to the 2008 Toyota AFL Grand Final, Major AFL sponser Toyota is bringing a cavalcade of AFL superstars and legends to selected local towns across Victoria. The project’s Ambassadors Kevin Sheedy, Jonathan Brown and Matt Maguire, along with AFL stars Scott West, Brett Deledio, Mark Ricciuto, Adem Yze (proun. Ooz-ay) and Danny Frawley, will join it’s major Toyota Ambassador Brian Taylor at Seymour and Benalla this Monday 8th September and Cobram, Denilliquin, and Echuca on Tuesday 9th September. For all the details visit