Monday, May 21, 2007

Hollywood In Murchison

Murchison is the Hollywood town of the Goulburn Valley, home to more major showbiz events in it's history then any other area in the region. Murchison resident Pam Western is a well-known actress and presenter appearing in national television programs such as Neighbors, Secret Life of Us, Stingers, Blue Healers, and Here’s Humphrey. Pam a two times gold Logie winner also appeared along side Graham Kennedy in the 1960’s on the popular program In Adelaide Tonight. Pam Western also appeared in the movie Chopper. In 2002 Murchison was the location for the major motion picture staring Guy Pearce and Helena Bonham Cater, Till Human Voices Awake Us. 2006 saw the successful Australian movie Kenny tear through the Australian Cinemas, and Murchison appeared in the film as the hometown for the films title character Kenny. Interestingly Murchison is the real home town for Kenny actor Shane Jacobson. The famous Murchison Meteor known to the entire science and astronomy world appears in many spaced themed documentaries on channels the likes of Discovery and National Geographic. Murchison the Hollywood of the Goulburn Valleys is certainly no dull town, and the show business attributes to the town should be promoted more to attract further tourism to the region. I suppose we can only wait and see what other show business events derive from the quite little Goulburn Valley town of Murchison.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Dr. Sharman Stone Must Go!

The Hon. Dr. Sharman stone, the federal member for Murray, and now the minister for workplace participation. Dr. Stone, a sitting member of parliament since 1996 has been somewhat of a bland representative for the region, enacting very little innovative change and improvement to the region. The Shepparton bypass is still not under construction, V-line services are at its worst, crime is running rampant, the proposed regional transport hub a no go, local working conditions slashed, New Zealand apples now approved to enter Australian markets threatening growers, and to add to matters the anguishing drought not helped by the Howard’s government incompetent environmental policy. Dr. Stone rarely actively stands up for the Shepparton and Murray regions, on occasions showing her face at the No Fire Blight rallies, an appearance forced by overwhelming public outrage. The Murray Electorate needs a representative that actively stands up for working families in the region, a representative protecting community interests. The fact is Dr. Stone is not performing those duties for the region adequately. Where is the reaction or comments from Dr. Sharman Stone on the new Howard government Industrial Relations laws? The laws that cut employee reward conditions from 20 to 5, laws that allow employers to sack workers without notice or reason, and laws that remove job security due to A.W.A’s. The Murray Electorate is widely known as the food bowl of Australia, a food bowl created by thousands of hard working Australians. The reason Dr. Stone is not commenting on this issue and others is because she is afraid to face the tough issues, afraid to answer to the working people of the electorate. The region needs a new face, a new energy, and a new representative. The Hon. Dr. Sharman Stone actions speak louder then her words, not much. Dr. Stone maybe a local, however the electorate needs a representative with an outside perspective to truly prepare the region for uncertain future ahead.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

HMAS Shepparton

I wonder how many people in the Goulburn valley and Shepparton region realise that we have our own Navy ship aptly named HMAS SHEPPARTON. The ship usually operates in a pair, as it is frequently paired with its geographical and maritime mate HMAS Benalla. The ships carry out hydrographic survey operations in the shallow waters of northern Australia. Their twin hulls provide good stability in heavy conditions, and good living room and space below the main deck. In addition, the catamaran hull sits well out of the water, the ship drawing only 2.2 metres - a favourable characteristic in shoaling and reef waters where the ships are required to operate. Each SML carries the latest in navigation aids, and survey and computerised hydrographic data processing equipment. The crews of 15 a few years back marched into the city of Shepparton, and were stopped by the Shepparton mayor at the time Anne McCamish in some sort of traditional symbolic stand off.
Launched: 5 December 1989 Commissioned: 24 January 1990 Displacement: 310 tonnes Length: 36.6 metres Beam: 13.7 metres Main Machinery: 2 X Detroit V12 diesels Speed: 11 knots Ship's Company: 15 Range: 3500 nautical miles
(Resource: Royal Australian Navy)

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Shepparton Duputy Mayor Steals Water For Plums

Shepparton Deputy Mayor Dallas Terlichc has pleaded guilty Tuesday for stealing water to feed his precious plum trees, while people in Euroa find there water taps running dry. Deputy Mayor Terlichc pathetic excuse for the thieving the precious water resource was to grow his plums trees and send fruit to starving orphans in Burma. It seems to me the conservative clergyman needed an excuse to cover his very unchristian like behaviour. It seems to me it is always the conservative people who do the most criminal, nasty, and conniving behaviour in our society. The only thing left is for My Terlichc to resign from his position as Deputy Mayor and Councilor. Councilor Terlichc job is to look after and govern the region the best he can, it is clear he is unable to do so.