Sunday, September 23, 2007

Labour Should Win Murray Electorate

Elections in the Goulburn valley and the electorate of Murray have always gone one way, towards the National or Liberal party. This is a statistic that has always being confusing, why working class people vote for the Liberal party? The Goulburn valley is the food bowl of Australia, the leader in agriculture and food manufacturing. These people need support and often a helping hand especially in the workplace and life. The conservative Christian element in Shepparton is strong, bringing with them ignorant naïve view of the world. The presents of right-wing zealots has made the federal seat of Murray one of the safest Liberals seats in Australia, a fact that never really existed or is defiantly changing. Labour has struggled to come up with a descent candidate for the electorate, to apprehensive to take the fight to the Liberals. Labour stands for the many, those many workers and working families of Australia, standing up for there rights and economic wellbeing. Liberals support the rich, big business, and stretch the divide between rich and poor. The new Work Choice laws, leave working families worse off, and insecurity for employees is sky high. The very same laws incumbent federal member for Murray Sharman Stone avidly supports. The election is to be called soon; I just hope the people of the Goulburn Valley think who really cares for them and their region.