Monday, October 29, 2007

Murray Electorate Morgan Poll

A Morgan poll on the electorate of Murray published on shows some interesting figures. The two party preferred vote for N-LP 62% ALP 38%, that’s a 12% gain to the ALP. Last election results on T.P.P were LP: 74.08% ALP: 25.92%. Clearly Murray remains a safe Liberal seat; however the massive swing away from the Liberals is an intriguing figure. The timing of the poll is unclear, so polling result could even be greater. One does wonder if the ALP actually put up a decent local candidate within the Murray Electorate how well they would actually go.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Howard's Interest Rate Farce

The blatant misinformation by Prime Minister John Howard on interest rates is absurd. Facts that are not spouted by Mr Howard’s are that on August 1993 the interest rate was at 4.75% under the Keating government. Keating left office with the rate of 6.5%, where the rate continued to slide. Throughout the duration of the Keating Government the interest was reduced from 11.5% in 1991 to a low of 6.5% in 1996, leaving a 5% reduction at the end of Keating’s reign. Labour reduced the infamous 17% interest rate from the 1990’s to 4.75%, a 12.25% reduction. The deregulation of the financial system, the floating of the dollar, and concentration on relations with Asia paved the way for economic growth we enjoy today. Fixing the damaged economy Treasurer Howard created in the 70’s with a 22% interest rate, 11% inflation, 11% unemployment and a government deficit in today’s terms of $40 billion. Next month it is expected the Reserve Bank will lift rates to 7%, the same rate Prime Minister John Howard had when he first came to power. These figures really put into perspective who really is the better economic manager. More on interest rates and national issues at Aussie Blogs

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Exclusive Brethren In Nathalia

Today Tonight reported tonight the existence of a multi million dollar Exclusive Brethren church in Nathalia. The cult like church has bought acres of land surrounded by high wire fences, within lays a 700 seat church with plans for expansion. The Brethren have also bought big on houses within the town, driving away and out pricing locals. Exclusive Brethren members in their business wisdom moved in on the town’s business environment, with members buying a plastics and spray painting business. These businesses run as church based enterprises, receiving a tax break systems that bring in millions for Brethren churches all around Australia. Channel 7 also reported on intimidations of locals. The Today Tonight crew them selves accused Brethren members of vandalism to their vehicles, and threatening behavior including violent letters towards the family of the crew; this matter has been reported to the police. The Exclusive Brethren church is not shy of national controversy, experincing outrage over an exemptions not to vote in elections. Despite this fact, the Exclusive Brethren church donated $350,000 towards the Liberal party, and members have met with Prime Minister John Howard numerous times. It has to be asked, Does the Liberal member for Murray Sharman Stone know about the Brethren Existence in her electorate, and have they met? I just find it very disturbing this arrogant cult infused church is actively invading Nathalia and our region. It is clear we must all keep a close eye on this secretive Church.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Safe Seat No Bypass

Prime Minister John Howard is in pre election over drive, pumping cash into marginal electorates in an attempt to win the next election. Tasmania and other marginal seats are receiving most of the election cash, with new health investment, new road investements, and a new road bypass. This is clear election politicing to get cheap votes for the coalition, a fa├žade voters will hopefully see through. The question has to be asked does the Murray Electorate and the Goulburn Valley region miss out on all these pre election goodies because of the title of the safest Liberal seat in Australia? The Shepparton bypass and Negambie bypass has been in the planning for years but has been halted due to NO FEDERAL FUNDING The transport hub in mooroopna has been in the planing for years but has been halted due to NO FEDERAL FUNDING. The pre election goodies the murray electorate could receive is endless, but alas we are too safe. The only way this will be turned around if people within the Murray-Goulburn region look closer at there options and decide weather to vote for Liberal at the next election, or try another party with a fresh new approach. The politicans eyes will certainly be put back on to our region, and I think for the better.

New Australian State of Murray Darling?

Recently announced independent candidate for Murray has announced a drastic policy of creating a whole new state around the Murray Darling basin. Paul Merrigan states this will allow more water decisions by country people to be made. Mr Merrigan opposes the state and federal governments interfences on water in the region, and a new Murray Darling state will allow decisions that benefit the people of the region. This has got be the most ridiclous however creative announcment so far within this election. It sounds more like trying to create an indepednet country then a state. Clearly Paul Merrigan is attempting to get a little bit of attention within the safest federal seat In Australia, with an unworkable pointless policy that will never come to furition.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Murray-Darling Takeover Steals Irrigators Water

Apart of The federal government Murray-Darling takeover is the desire for the states to hold off water for urban allocations. This is water taken from irrigators, and it won’t necessarily be needed. This tells me the federal government seems to care little for Victorian irrigators, surprised? It amazes me that people criticise the Victorian governments and the FoodBowl group initiative to modernize the irrigation infrastructure, as it creates new water savings and does not take any water from existing water storages. I would advise people to research and find the facts, and do not adhere to the propaganda by Sharman Stone and the campaigners against the FoodBowl initiative. Victoria is looking out for Victorians; the federal government is looking out for them selves.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Shepparton Perfect Sudanese Integration

The Australian federal government and Immigration Minister Kevin Andrews have made the controversial decision to ban the intake of African refugees. The government claims African immigrants, especially Sudanese immigrants, do not integrate efficiently. Critics say the government is reacting for election points, attempting to appeal to xenophobic voters wary of immigration. The Sudanese integration has been in issue and many parts of Australia, with the emergence of Sudanese gangs. This has been evident in Tamworth and Sydney. The one place where this has not occurred is Shepparton where more then 10 Sudanese families have integrated without any social inconveniences. No gangs have risen within a community already reach in immigrants from Iraq, Afghanistan, Albania among many others. You could say Shepparton is an integration success case, and a place the government and other areas may need to study to improve their immigration processes.

Monday, October 1, 2007

Country Petrol Price Outweigh City

What’s the deal with the petrol price in the country being drastically different to that in the city of Melbourne? I commute myself often between Melbourne and Mooroopna and can see petrol price in the city at 1.19 and in the country 1.30 selling at the same time. It amazes me in times of hardship and drought; the oil companies will slug rural people with drastically different petrol prices. It has to be asked, are country people paying for expensive petrol for city drivers?