Wednesday, September 17, 2008

North South Pipeline Approved

In yet another blow to those who are against the controversial North-south Pipeline, MOIRA SHIRE COUNCIL has expressed its profound disappointment at the Federal Government’s approval of the pipeline and maintains the project spells disaster for the Murray-Darling Basin. This disappointment conveyed I am sure is derived from over the top paranoia from people in the region who still do not understand and will not try to understand the purpose of the pipeline. Moira Shire Mayor Councilor Frank Malcolm said Environment Minister Peter Garrett’s decision to give the green light to the pipeline will rob the parched Murray-Darling Basin of vital flows. Recently the Murray-Darling Basin Commission reported the conditions of Australia’s biggest river system are the worst in recorded history. This may be true, however water will not be taken from the system if no savings have been created. Savings will not be created until water storage surpass that of usual flows, savings intended to occur when the new irrigation and anti-evaporation upgrades are complete. Savings is water created above normal catchments, which are then equally spread to regional, urban and environmental sectors. Clearly the state of the Murray-Darling system currently will see no water removed from the system. The pipe line is a long term project, a project built to help 'all' Victorians in times when water is scarce.

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