Sunday, September 28, 2008

Rochester GVFL Premiers

- Results below -
I popped along to the 2008 GVFL grand final at Deakin Reserve in Shepparton on Sunday arvo, to catch the grand final clash between the premiership incumbents the Seymour Lions and the underdog's Rochester Tigers. It seemed Rochester started off with nervous jitters, and were constantly close behind Seymour through out the day. The overwhelming crowd support and hunger for the cup in the end spurred Rochy on to be the 2008 premiers and football champions. I Congratulate Rochester, for a well deserved win. It is the case a sad few week for me in footy, my beloved Geelong Cat's defeated, my hometown of Mooroopna Cat's defeated (by Rochester), and a club I am closely associated with in the KDFL Ardmona Cat's defeated.

The GVFL Grand final scores:

Seymour 13.18. (96) Rochester 15.9. (99)

Rochester Elliot Bowen 7, Dylan Cuttriss 2, Dean Moon 2, Kahl Oliver 2, Ben Deuscher 1, Anthony Mcphee 1
Seymour Saad Saad 2, Brent Colbert 2, Bernard Haberman 2, Benjamin Clifton 2, Jake Anderson 1, Dominic Russo 1, Paul Scanlon 1, Shane Schottner 1, Rodney Van riet 1
Rochester Elliot Bowen, Kahl Oliver, Ashley Watson, Sam O’brien, Scott Hann, Dean Moon
Seymour Paul Scanlon, Rodney Van riet, Brent Colbert, Shane Schottner, Bernard Haberman, Matthew O’keefe


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